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Customized Expansion Joints 

Expansion joints are among the most critical components of flue duct and pressure piping applications. Whether you require metallic or fabric expansion joints, the design experts at Dynex Expansion Joints can provide the products you need.  The product lineup is as follows:

Non-Metallic Flue Duct Expansion Joints

  • Available to 2200⁰ F and up to 15 psi.
  • Offered in flanged, slip-on or custom connections.
  • Size/range is unlimited.
  • Low spring rates and shorter face to face dimensions versus metallic Expansion Joints.
Flue Duct Expansion Joint
  • Excellent against vibration and flutter.
  • Easy onsite splicing or repairs. Kits for self-service splicing of open-ended Expansion Joints offered.
  • Non-metallic Expansion Joints are less expensive as opposed to metallic counterparts.
  • Turnkey installations available as well as plant surveys, field repair, and supervisory services. Field training, Inspection, and budgeting expertise.
  • Convoluted Expansion Joints for high travel situations.
  • Designs focus on preventing system heat loss.
  • Auxiliary components are available such as Insulation Pillows, Baffles, Fly Ash Eliminators, Mating Flanges, and Diverter Angles.
  • Factory preassembled Expansion Joints, available for drop-in installations.
  • Absorbs ductwork installation misalignment from the initial installation or settling.

Metallic Flue Duct Expansion Joints

Metallic Expansion Joints are stocked or custom manufactured for particular applications. They are available with varied bellows heights and widths. Both low profile and tall bellows available. Available in tandem (universal) designs to maximize lateral and angular thermal movements. Dynex Expansion Joints are designed to meet any flow requirements and can be specially manufactured to interface with almost any mechanical equipment.

Metallic Flue Duct

Metallic Flue Duct Expansion Joints can be supplied with auxiliaries such as limit rods, baffles, insulation pillows, etc.

  • Manufactured from virtually any alloy, gauge, as well as any size required. Stocked gauges are 11-31 gauge.
  • Bellow configurations such as Rounded (Omega), V-shaped (Accordion), or Dog House, plus other configurations as required.
  • Rectangular Expansion Joints are available in single miter or double miter corners.
  • Circular Expansion Joints from 1" to 140"+.
  • Any Expansion Joint available in single or multiple convolutions.
  • End connections such as weld-in, flanged (bolt-in), or specially designed as may be required.
  • Designed to carry duct loads and to reinforce ductwork strength, when required.
  • Internal hinges, slots, pins, and guides available to prevent skewing or to help support the adjacent ductwork.
  • It can be manufactured to yield low spring rates.
  • All models can be externally insulated to limit heat loss.
  • Excellent for steam service.
  • Manufactured by certified welders. with AWS certifications

Metallic Pressure Piping Expansion Joints

Dynex metallic flue duct Expansion Joints are offered as ‘bellows only’ or supplied with any ‘end flange connection’ required. Weld-ends for a weld-in installation are also common. Dynex Expansion Joints service industries such as the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial piping, Railway, Shipping, and Off-Highway equipment vehicles. Dynex is a diesel engine exhaust specialist. Expansion Joints can be manufactured in virtually any alloy, size, and gauge.

Metallic Pressure Piping Expansion Joints
  • Operating temperatures up to 2000⁰ F and extremely high pressures never a problem.
  • Single or multi-ply bellows available.
  • Standards offered include both Metric and Imperial.
  • Hydro Testing, Cycle Testing, Die Penetration Testing of welds, Pneumatic Testing, Mass Spectrometer Testing, Ultrasonic, Radiography, and more, readily available.

The 24 HOUR-GO! Program for emergency shipments.

A partial list of products and configurations offered are:

  • In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints
  • Universal Expansion Joints
  • Pressure balanced Elbow Expansion Joints
  • Penetration Seals
  • Single Expansion Joints (restrained or unrestrained)
  • Tandem (Dual) Expansion Joints
  • Hinged Expansion Joints
  • Gimbal Expansion Joints
  • Pump Connectors with tie rods

Pressure Piping Elastomeric (Rubber) Expansion Joints

Dynex Pressure Piping Elastomeric (Rubber) Expansion Joints are designed to prevent stresses to attached piping and equipment. Designs absorb expansion and contraction; guard against the transfer of noise and vibration; compensate for misalignment; Dynex Expansion Joints absorb axial, lateral, torsional, and angular system movements; with very little compression set.

Rubber Pressure Expansion Joint
  • Low spring rates.
  • No gaskets required.
  • Various models offered and manufactured in virtually all elastomers (rubber) as well as Teflon.
  • Temperatures up to 500⁰ F.
  • Sizes 1” to more than 140” inside diameters. Pressures to 250 psi.
  • Minimal face to face (width) dimensions compared to metallic Expansion Joints.
  • Excellent is acoustical applications to deaden noise and vibrations as well as where there exists unbalanced forces or shock in play. Expansion Joints will not fatigue.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Excellent versus corrosion
  • Available in single or multiple arch constructions.
  • Eccentric and concentric models available, pump connectors, as well as Condenser applications.
  • Long cycle life in each and every Expansion Joint. All Expansion Joints Designed for 20-year service life.
  • 150#, 300#, Navy, and other flange drill patterns as required, available.
  • Control Units, Retaining Rings, and Limit Rods available and in any alloy.


Do you have a question about basic expansion principles, application data, or a technical issue? If so, we can help. Contact us today to request a quote for fabric expansion joints by contacting Dynex Expansion Joints today.